If your currently feeling sick / have a fever / have been exposed to a Covid-19 positive person – please respect the fellowship’s safety. Make a small sacrifice, do a few meetings online until your in the clear. We appreciate everyone’s help keeping people healthy.

Hybrid Zoom / In-person meetings are active daily.

The Alano has Zoom rooms setup and some meetings have opted to be in person at the club and also online!

Check out some featured meetings that have gone hybrid – Full list HERE

Please submit a note to us if you have problems connecting to meetings.

Looking to host a meeting at our location?

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Have an issue with our facilities or a fellow attendee?

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Our Purpose 

Alano of Des Plaines is a place of peace that hosts several 12 step program meetings a day.


If you’re thinking about coming in or have questions about how it works, please don’t hesitate to stop in and speak with someone. If it’s more comfortable, you can always drop us a email at dpalano@googlegroups.com . Leave a number and a brief overview of your situation. We will find someone in our ranks to give you a call and respond to anything you want to know.

All of the meetings held at the Alano of Des Plaines are members of Alcoholics Anonymous  District 19 and exist as a extension of the Chicago Area of AA (CASA).

Your local AA office has 24/7 volunteer-based phone service.

CASO Office

Phone: 312-346-1475
Toll Free: 800-371-1475 (Illinois only)



A place of peace and personal growth