The meetings are and the amount of people able to attend.

The Club REQUIRES masks be wore at ALL times well indoors.

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Our Purpose 

Alano of Des Plaines is a place of peace that hosts several 12 step program meetings a day.


If you’re thinking about coming in or have questions about how it works, please don’t hesitate to stop in and speak with someone. If it’s more comfortable, you can always drop us a email at dpalano@googlegroups.com . Leave a number and a brief overview of your situation. We will find someone in our ranks to give you a call and respond to anything you want to know.

All of the meetings held at the Alano of Des Plaines are members of Alcoholics Anonymous  District 19 and exist as a extension of the Chicago Area of AA (CASA).

Your local AA office has 24/7 volunteer-based phone service.

CASO Office

Phone: 312-346-1475
Toll Free: 800-371-1475 (Illinois only)

A place of peace and personal growth